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Hygiene Nerds

Easily personalize your healthy mouth necessities.

Our mission is to assist consumers in choosing the best dental products for your mouth. Through education, I’d like to show what all your options are for your dental needs. Also, we provide a central location where you can easily find the products you want. Additionally, I’ll also provide my opinion about my favorite things and new products that come out on the market. Our goal is for you to find the perfect fit of products to achieve a beautiful healthy smile.


“We provide a central location where you can find and purchase the products you want”

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Spry Gum

It’s so unfair……are you the one that always has cavities when you visit the dentist? Do you get ridiculed by your partner when you get home from your appointment with the bad news? The partner who brushes once a day and only flosses when they eat popcorn?? THEY never have decay! You’re the one who brushes twice daily, (sometimes at work), flosses, (even in the car if needed), rinses non-stop and has your routine down so well you’re called type A by your hygienist!  I have a new secret for your arsenal……….Spry gum!

Spry gum is produced by the company Xlear (pronounced “clear”).  Xlear uses xylitol in their gum and other products.  Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener made from natural plant sources, such as birch trees or corn cobs.  The reason xylitol is so beneficial in oral products is it can decrease the amount of tooth decay.  Xylitol isn’t processed in your mouth the same way sugar is. Sugar in your mouth makes acid and acid makes cavities.  Xylitol does not produce acid like sugar does in your mouth.  Therefore, there is less acid occurrence and less decay.  It is recommended to chew xylitol gum after every meal, at least three times a day.

I have used this gum myself.  I did a little experiment.  After a long afternoon of eating treats, my teeth felt “fuzzy”.  You know, full of plaque.  So, I chewed a couple pieces of Spry gum and rolled it around.  It really helped make my mouth feel cleaner.  Honestly, it is just to be used for medicinal purposes.  After about five minutes, it lost its flavor and I spit it out.

I’ve also seen great results with my patients with this gum.  I have quite a few patients with really good compliance with home care.  They are great brushers and flossers on a good schedule.  However, when they would come in for their cleaning appointments with me, they have more cavities.  I went through all of my usual questions and nothing seemed out of place.  I put them on a regimen of Spry gum.  One patient came back after three months for his cleaning and no decay!Don’t let your partner have the smug satisfaction of smirking when you get home from your next appointment. Put Spry gum in your dental routine!

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