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Crest Pro Health HD Toothpaste

January 27, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

I have two sons whose teeth always look like they have a brownish stain on them. They both flash me a smile and instead of a bright white mouth blinging back at me, it’s teeth that look like they’re drinking black coffee all day. No matter how much they brush. Even when I stand over them to watch them brush……yes, it’s creepy. But I’m a dental hygienist. I can’t have them walking around school with tan teeth; what would people say?

My oldest son was one of the guinea pigs in the house for this paste. If anyone knows teenage boys, they do things fast and carelessly. I was pretty skeptical that I could get him to follow the regimen of two different pastes for a minute each. Most days I’m lucky if I can just get him to brush with one paste for the two suggested minutes. To my surprise, he has faithfully used it in the proper manner. The brown lingering stain that is the bane of my existence is gone. I’m sold……..

Crest’s new paste on the market is something new in that it’s a two-step system. It’s made for those who are looking for the protection of fluoride plus an extra whitening component. The first tube is a paste made with stannous fluoride, which helps in preventing cavities and gingivitis. The second tube is a gel made with hydrogen peroxide, which helps with whitening. Consumers are to use the first paste for a minute, spit and then brush another minute with the second gel. Crest touts a healthier mouth and whiter teeth in one week. The interesting thing about this toothpaste is that they offer satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back.

I was the next tester in the house. I drink a lot of coffee and I do feel like the peroxide has helped some of the in-between dinginess of my teeth. My mouth feels fresh and clean after I do the two step process. The first paste really foams up when I use it. I can definitely taste the peroxide slightly with the gel. It was a little rough on my gums the first day but not as bad as I used it more.

I would recommend this for many patients. The stannous fluoride is great for people who have gingivitis or bleeding with their gums. This fluoride also helps with cavity prevention. The hydrogen peroxide component is great for patients who want whiter teeth. It would be good for maintenance after whitening treatments. I think it’s really worth a try. It has a money back guarantee and it keeps the taupe tooth stain away.

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