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GUM Soft Picks

February 26, 2016 / no comments, on GUM Soft Picks

Do you know that indescribable feeling when you use a Q-Tip in your ear? Like scratching a wonderful itch and you never want to stop? You know what I’m talking about, when you’re twirling that amazing simple cotton tipped stick in your ear with your mouth slacked open and your eyes rolling back in your head?  What if I told you thatfeeling could be duplicated in your mouth?  I have found a great tool you can use to massage your gums and replicate that sensation.  Forget about the toothpicks and the magazine postcards that you fold up and shove in between your teeth (Dad, I’m talking to you….).

GUM Soft Picks are an easy way to get between your teeth clean.  It’s a small white plastic pick with a green rubber coating.  The elastic coating has little flexible bristles on it.  The picks are thin and sleek enough to fit between most areas.  They reach areas in between teeth to help remove plaque and stimulate gum tissue.  By mechanically removing plaque from your teeth and gums, it reduces bleeding and inflammation.

GUM Soft Picks are a favorite of mine.  Any given night of the week you can find me relaxing on my couch, watching television and looking like a cowboy with a toothpick sticking out of his mouth.   It’s really such a simple concept; it’s just a small plastic stick with a rubber coating with little tiny fingers sticking off it.  It feels sooooooooo good.  I literally zone out in front of the TV with a soft pick in hand and systematically rub it between my teeth.

I recommend soft picks for all kinds of different patients.  Anyone can use them because you don’t really need a lot of space in between your teeth for them to slide through.  Not only are soft picks easy to clean teeth, they make cleaning under bridges and around bracketsa piece of cake.  Luckily, the pick is all plastic and rubber, so you can use them around implants without scratching the metal underneath.  The company, Sunstar, has now made some different varieties.   GUM Soft Picks for Wider Spaces and a GUM Soft Picks Advanced that have a longer, curved white handle to reach back teeth easier. Do yourself a favor and ditch the splinters from your toothpicks; GUM Soft Picks are a great alternative for in-between clean.

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